Chief Commissioner visits Ampara District Scouts

Sep 7, 2023News0 comments

The Chief Commissioner of Scouts made a special visit to the Ampara District Scouts, and the event was expertly facilitated by District Commissioner Mr. Chinthaka Yapa Bandara and Assistant District Commissioners (ADCs) from Ampara.

The gathering, which took place at Dhiattakandiya National School, saw the participation of ADCs, Scout Leaders & Akelas, Scouts, and respected former District Commissioners, Mr. Upul Kithsiri and Chandana Krishantha.

The Chief Commissioner’s visit underscores the significance of scouting in the Ampara district and its positive impact on youth development. The meeting provided an opportunity for valuable discussions and collaboration among these dedicated individuals.

District Commissioner Mr. Chinthaka Yapa Bandara and the ADCs played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the visit, demonstrating their commitment to the scouting community in Ampara. Scout Leaders, Akelas, and enthusiastic Scouts actively engaged in discussions during the meeting, sharing their insights and ideas for further enhancing scouting activities in the district.

The presence of former District Commissioners Mr. Upul Kithsiri and Chandana Krishantha added historical perspective and wisdom to the gathering, emphasizing the long-standing commitment to scouting in Ampara.

This visit serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit and shared vision of the Ampara District Scouts, highlighting their dedication to youth development and community involvement. As the meeting concluded, all participants expressed their appreciation for the Chief Commissioner’s visit and their commitment to the continued growth and success of scouting in Ampara.


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