1. International Experience Project
2. International Reception team Project
3. Plan exact ways to implement the „Plan, Do and Review‟ cycle
4. Facebook Account / Facebook Page for International Scouting
5. New report Format for returning contingents (downloadable document)



Aim / Structure –

  • Encourage every single youth member and adult in Sri Lanka Scouting to have an international experience.
  • This could be
    • personal meeting in an international event in Sri Lanka or abroad
    • A Pen friend (Pen Pal) or friend on the internet
    • A friendship with a ‘scout’ foreigner living in Sri Lanka for some time
  • Preferably friend should be / should have been involved in Scouting
  • The aim is to
    • Experience the International Scout Brotherhood
    • Share personal scouting development with your international Pal
    • Develop communication & language skills in a foreign language
    • Improve your spoken language enough to speak with your pal via IMO, WhatsApp, Skype or other such online platforms.
    • Treasure long-term human bonds
    • Exchange cultural and religious views – learn to respect attitudes and practices of others
    • Enrich each others life through a thorough friendship experience
    • Try to meet your friend once / one more time


International Friendship Badge

  • It is expected that this concept is supported by a badge that can be in the uniform till such time the friendship lasts.
  • It is designed as an Activity Badge.
  • We hope to introduce 3 progressive levels of the badge – Bronze, Silver & Gold
  • The first badge can be attempted after the membership badge
  • The criteria for its award; the badge; where to wear it are all being discussed
  • The exact design can be decided by experts within the movement

Resources – Scout Pen Pal sites …….. click visitor posts &id=59625




The final name for this team should be decided upon and could sound like – Reception Team / Welcome team / International Friendship team / International encounter squad / Scout tour partners


Aim / Structure –

1. To establish a dependable competent trained team of Senior Scout & Rover pool of volunteers spreading over all scout districts.

2. Their job will be to meet and accompany a foreign scout visitor/s (after bona fides are checked), in his/her area and to function as an international scout friend, a guide and a resource person.

3. This will involve exchange of ideas, scout culture, knowledge and skills. It will open opportunities to examine values, beliefs and cultural practices and to develop life long international friendships.

4. No monitory benefits are offered and the operation is entirely voluntary. Swapping / exchange of badges and other memorabilia are allowed but should never be touted for.

5. Functioning of the team should always be governed by the sprit of the Scout Law and Promise.

6. They will function as 2 member (minimum) units

7. As ambassadors of SLSA they should act with conviction, commitment and diligence.

8. The team members should have the ability to be mobilized at reasonable notice.




PDSA (PDCA) Cycle is implemented to achieve higher quality and / or higher levels of Performance. All activates under International Scouting of SLSA, will be done as per PDSA (PDCA/PDRA) cycle. The process will be a new endeavor and we will have to be diligent to harvest its full potential.