Rover Scouting

Age range – 17 ½ to 26 years

Objectives of Rover Scout Section

  1. Molding one’s life as a disciplined and valued person through spiritual development
  2. Making the right mental and physical progress to take responsibility for socializing as a mature person
  3. Personality and character development, good citizenship and building self-confidence
  4. Improving the principles and training methods acquired through books and scout training, and making opportunities to study them further
  5. Getting help to strengthen their own future by encouraging further education.
  6. As soon as they have identified their academic limitations and talents, they should be able to reap the benefits of the vocational training opportunities and make their lives a success.
  7. Continue the work of advising and contributing to the progress made after starting a career.

Rover Scout Motto

“We Serve”


How to Start a Rover Crew

A Rover Crew shall be started by a Rover Scoutmaster who completed phase 1 of Unit Leader training in Rover Section. A Rover Crew shall include a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 24 Rover Scouts. Rover Crew shall contain several Clusters and each Cluster comprises 3-6 Rovers.


Uniform & Badges

Rover Scout Progressive Badge System

Rover Scout Membership Badge

Rover Scout Service Stars

BP Award

The First Sri Lanka Air Rover crew started in 2017 with 15 Air Rovers at Sri Lanka Air Force Base Rathmalana.

Air Rovers are being trained on aviation and flying-based activities with the support of Sri Lanka Air Force. In addition, Air Rovers follow the same rover activities and badge schemes as normal Rovers, Further, Air Rovers under go aeronautical and technical training of aircraft, Design Model Aircraft, Design UAVs, Design quadrocopters, Air Cargo Operation, Aircraft under wing operation and Airport management. Air Rovers have a different uniform from Air Rovers in other countries.

Air Rover Uniform

Sri Lanka Navy provides the resources, facilities and training on sea activities at the request of the Rover Scout Leaders through the District Commissioner. SLSA organises orientation programs and workshops for Sea Rovers and prospective Leaders, with the support of Sri Lanka Navy when need arises. They undergo special training on navigation, sailing, technical part on boat mechanisms, etc. Sea Rovers are following similar badge and activity schemes as Rovers but with a special emphasis on sailing, canoeing, boating and water-based activities in the sea, rivers or lakes.

Sea Rover Uniform