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What is Better World Framework?

A set of coordinated programmes, campaigns, calls to action, and events designed to develop the competencies of young people to become global active citizens by taking action around issues related to sustainable development.

The Better World Framework is an organizing system inspiring young people to align their community development initiatives as a contribution for the SDs. Enabling young people to participate in decision-making and feel empowered about their role in the achievement of the SDs, makes them better prepared for a sustainable way of life.

What are Better World Framework initiatives?

Scouts of the World Award and Patrimonito Scout Badge
The Scouts of the World Award encourages young people to reflect and identify global issues affecting communities in their countries and take action by starting community service projects. The Award recognizes young people’s ability to develop competencies related to system thinking, problem-solving and collaborative work for young adults. Whether you integrate it into your Rovers section programme or as an additional recognition, this is a meaningful way to encourage and recognize young people’s attitudes toward community service.

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The Patrimonito Scout Challenge was created to raise awareness and mobilize young people to participate and help in World Heritage preservation and promotion. Patrimonito is linked with the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme and World Scouting’s Youth Programme.

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Earth Tribe

Champions for Nature Challenge

In collaboration with the WWF, the Champions for Nature Challenge allows young people to understand their roles in our ecosystems and our relationship to all life on earth. National Scout Organizations that incorporate this the Champions for Nature Challenge as part of their Youth Programme and Earth Tribe can increase their relevance and opportunities to offer environmental education and community action in collaboration with partners.

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Environmental education is a priority for World Scouting as it gives young people the opportunity to identify environmental issues in their communities and organize projects to address them. The Scouts Go Solar Challenge offers young people the opportunity to advocate and become innovators in clean energy solutions and create a world powered by renewable energy.


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The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge enables Scouts to understand the environmental impact of single-use plastics and consumption and helps them identify ways to promote a plastic-free planet. In collaboration with UN Environment, this challenge encourages young people to make our oceans healthier and more resilient by fighting pollution and changing plastic consumption habits. National Scout Organizations that have implemented this challenge increased their possibilities to establish alliances with other international organizations tackling climate change.


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Dialogue for Peace
The Dialogue for Peace Programme, developed in collaboration with the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID), aims to support the development of dialogue skills among young people and adults as a way to promote mutual
understanding in local communities. National Scout Organizations can use this service to incorporate dialogue, strengthen their capabilities to increase intergenerational dialogue, support local communities, and increase the skills of their adults in Scouting to address conflicts.

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Messengers of Peace

As one of Scouting’s most popular programmes, Messengers of Peace provides an educational framework that enables young people to take an active role in constructing a culture of peace and dialogue in their societies. This is your go-to programme for increasing awareness about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and encouraging young people to contribute to the achievement of these goals through community development actions.



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