International Digital Jamboree 2020
• Jamboree dates – Oct. 15th Nov. 15th 2020 (4 weeks)
• Venue – this is a virtual Jamboree in the Internet
– International Digital Jamboree 2020 Website (Scheduled to open Oct. 15th)
– Participants’ personal social media platform (SNS)
• Each NSO HQ can send a patrol consisting of 1-9 scouts
• Application deadline to SLSA September 10th 2020 12 noon
• Selected Applicants are expected to donate SLR 2000/- via WOSM donation platform (after receiving conformation of selection)
• Application MUST BE sent ONLY by THE DISTRICT INTERNATIONAL ADC / COORDINATOR (with copy to the respective DC) by a single email to
• If your district has not appointed THE DISTRICT INTERNATIONAL ADC / COORDINATOR, please appoint one ADC immediately to overlook all International Scout Events – and inform IC & ACC Admin
• SLSA 1st Patrol will have 1- Leader + 1 – PL + 8 – Scouts
• Application (=email) from each district must have
#Application 1 = Lead Application – must have names of one Scout and one Leader ONLY
#Application 2 = Other Applications – can have names of 5 Scouts and 2 Leaders (2nd and 3rd Patrols may only get entry into the Jamboree depending on the number of international applicants)
Criteria (very strict) for application 1
= Lead application
• Available for participation at times specified
• Good active Scout – at least GSMs award
• Never participated in a foreign event
• Poor socio – economical background
• Able to donate SLR 2000/-
• Good in spoken English
• Good in Mobile / Computer technology
• Online / remote interview
Criteria for application 2
(Subsequent Patrols – 1-Leader + 1-PL + 8-Scouts)
–Other applications
•Available for participation
•Good active Scout
•Able to donate SLR 2000/-
•Good in spoken English
•Good in Mobile / Computer technology
•Online / remote interview

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