Randi Hathnagoda – Head of the delegation

Introduction & achievements

Randi was a girl guide during her school periods & after leaving her school, joined scouting, as a Rover scout of Ethugalpura Pioneers’ Girls’ District Rover Crew, Kurunegala. She has become the best girl guide of her school, Ku/Maliyadeva Balika Vidyalaya & North Western province respectively. She was awarded the Baden Powell Award in 2021, which is the highest rank in rover scouting. She enjoys engaging in volunteer & social services so much & she believes that they add core values to her life.

Thoughts about the 14th WSYF

14th World Scout Youth Forum was a fresh experience for me & as a rover scout, I’m honoured to get this opportunity. It’s a privilege for me to represent Sri Lanka & the Sri Lanka Scout Movement. The experiences we got through this youth forum is the most important thing we received. The forum polished my decision-making ability, self-discipline, self-confidence, vision, integrity, bearing skills, courage, dedication, enthusiasm, and every other leadership quality and skill that should be improved within a youth. I believe that is the power of scouting. I am delighted that the forum became the bridge to connect us with different cultures & make new friendships all around the world. The ideas we shared can be embedded into ourselves to achieve sustainable development goals & innovation in Sri Lankan society. I am fortunate to bear the role as the head of delegation, to spread the message of gender equity to the world. I gladly thank all the commissioners in the Sri Lanka Scout Association, including our International commissioner, Dr.Rajeev Pieris for giving us this opportunity.


Nadun Gallage

 Thought on the 14th WSYF

I consider it as my honour and privilege for being a part of the Sri Lankan delegation for the 14th World Scout Youth Forum, and thankful for the Sri Lanka Scout Association for giving me this opportunity. At present times, youth faces many challenges in many different aspects which hinder their development. During this forum, we had the opportunity to raise our voice and participate in active decision-making as the youth, directly requesting WOSM to address those challenges in an optimistic manner for the betterment of the youth world wide. WSYF also gave me the opportunity to explore and learn decision-making, critically thinking, innovative ideas, governance procedures and leadership. We had to collaborate with international teams for making draft resolutions and excitingly, I was able to get to know with many scout friends overseas. Although WSYF sounds serious, there were many fun activities and workshops as side events where we could enrich our enthusiasm and spirit of scouting! There was a virtual exhibition where we could explore the diversity of scouting and different cultures across the world. Even though we were physically apart owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe the WSYF was able to virtually bring the voices of youth scouts all over the world to one place and together with unity we were able to contribute ourselves for the betterment of future scouting as well as the betterment of the world’s youth community. I am looking forward to sharing the knowledge and experience which I gained during the WSYF with scouts of Sri Lanka and collaborate with myself to improve the youth scout movement in Sri Lanka.


Sarith Fernando

Thought on the 14th WSYF

The 14th World Scout Youth Forum gave the Sri Lankan delegation, including myself, a one of a kind experience to raise our voice and express our concerns when it comes to the decision making process of the future of the World Scout Movement. I am grateful to the Sri Lanka Scout Association for giving me the opportunity to be a part of shaping the future of Scouting. As a participant of the forum, I was able to connect with so many fellow young people in our movement from all over the world and the networking spaces through the online platform will be one of my most treasured memories of this forum. I was also able to score the most points out of all the participants through active participation in all activities and events during the days of the Youth Forum. I am committed and empowered to bring changes and introduce youth involvement and youth engagement in the decision making process in the Sri Lanka Scout Association as many other National Scout Organisations have already even achieved 100% youth-led local movements. Our delegation has already made proposals that would help develop the Scout movement in Sri Lanka. One of the key takeaways from the forum I would like to record is, “When someone tells me you are too young to make a change, I tell them- Watch Me!”


Ravindu Jayawardana – Observer

Thought on the 14th WSYF

The 14th World Scout Youth Forum gave a huge exposure for myself and for all  Sri Lankan delegations to express ourselves and gather experience to empower the Scout Movement in Sri Lanka. Throughout this Youth forum, each and every session is knowledgeable. I met many scouts from all over the world from International teams meetings and Raise your voice sessions let me share my ideas on certain interesting areas. Despite the COVID-19 situation, we all participated in the forum actively. We have made many amendment proposals and submitted them. It is a great privilege to get to learn about WOSM future plans and experience which I got from this forum is invaluable and I hope to share it with my fellow scouts and enhance the projects that we planned to implement. This is the biggest scouting experience I have had so far. I am so grateful to extend my sincere gratitude to the Sri Lanka Scout Association and Kotelawala Defence University for giving me this great opportunity to represent Sri Lanka on this International platform.


Nilukshan Krishnaram

About Nilukshan

Nilukshan is an Information Systems Undergraduate at the University of Colombo School of Computing. He started his scouting journey at the 42nd Colombo Gold Troop of Royal College, where he currently serves as an Assistant Scout Leader. He is an invested rover, & the Secretary of the 75th Colombo District Rover Crew, an elected member of the Colombo Scout Youth Advisory Group (CSYAG) and the Youth Representative to the Executive Committee of the Sri Lanka Scout Association – Colombo District Branch. He has organized many events such as the 2nd & 3rd Colombo Scout Youth Forum, HeForShe Workshop etc. He was also a Youth Advisor of the 55th Colombo Camporee, Sri Lanka’s biggest fully virtual multi-day event in 2020.

Thoughts on the 14th WSYF

When the pandemic shook the whole world, the Scouting Youth of Sri Lanka were able to give an assurance that Scouting never stops on our watch, by rapidly adapting to the physical-to-virtual transition that is happening globally and by creating enough opportunities for more and more scouts to engage in scouting activities virtually. In addition to this, being part of the Sri Lankan Delegation at the 14th World Scout Youth Forum as an observer gives me immense pleasure and the experience has helped me to gain a better understanding of the involvement of Youth members of the Movement in Decision Making at the WOSM Level. We were divided into international teams and were encouraged to get involved in critical thinking and decision making in order to suggest amendments to the Constitution and the Draft Resolutions, which will be tabled at the World Scout Conference for evaluation and approval. The participants were also encouraged to formulate the Youth Forum Declaration, which will be presenting the proposals, messages and views of the 14th World Scout Youth Forum to the entire world. Apart from these formal frameworks, the Forum did not restrict us from having fun. Plenary sessions, Breakout Rooms, Exhibitions, and Networking sessions indeed helped us find new friends and learn more about other NSOs around the world. I extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who supported and guided me throughout this wonderful journey of mine.


Sandunie Wijayarathne

Thought on the 14th WSYF

Representing the country in an international arena is a great honor and a once-in-a-lifetime chance for each citizen. As a result, I consider myself really fortunate to have been given such a wonderful chance. We all enthusiastically participated in the conference for five days, from August 18th to August 22nd, and it was a wonderful place for many unique and wonderful outstanding experiences.

This conference, it must be mentioned, was extremely beneficial in the development of vital skills such as mutual communication, decision-making, democracy, and respect for other nations and their diversity.

It’s also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with individuals of all ethnicities from all over the world and extend a hand of friendship to them.

It’s a privilege to be able to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and to get a wealth of knowledge on how to incorporate them not only into the life of a scout but also into the national scout program. My and our sole goal is to lead the Sri Lanka Scout Movement along a new path based on the new body of knowledge gathered at the conference.




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