Every Scout is a Messenger of Peace

Scouts do some amazing things, from simple community actions to large-scale projects such as preventing bullying in schools in the UK, helping street gangs in El Salvador to reduce violence, cleaning up a playground in Texas, and planting millions of trees all over Africa. Throughout its history, Scouting has inspired its millions of members to make a difference – applying their leadership to creating a better world. MoP is a World Scouting Initiative, which encourages Scouts to do community service and tell the story of their experience in order to inspire others to action. The Initiative has three components:

  • The Messengers of Peace Support Fund
  • The Messengers of Peace Educational Programme
  • The Messengers of Peace Network

These elements are connected: Today’s technology enables us to exchange, and share inspiration through our Scouts Global Messengers of Peace Netowrk, for project ideas and ways to take action. The educational programme provides guidance on how to implement project ideas, and the Support Fund gives the necessary means for the National Scout Organisation’s projects.

The Messengers of Peace Support Fund

The Messengers of Peace Support Fund was established for financially supporting Scouts worldwide in implementing MoP projects that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Strengthening capacity (e.g. projects for renewing an NSO’s youth programme, or providing training for Adults in Scouting)
  • Inspiring Messengers of Peace (e.g. projects related to spreading the MoP network)

As well as special projects (including, but not limited to):

  • Support to youth in (post-)conflict zones (e.g. projects related to supporting refugees)
  • Disaster response (e.g. projects related to providing immediate support to disaster-affected communities, or projects related to preparing Scouts for disaster response)
  • Environment (e.g. projects related to reforestation, or cleaning up a river bed)
  • Peace and culture of dialogue (e.g. projects related to providing training to young people about peace and dialogue)

The Messengers of Peace Programme

Scouts are already doing great things in their community. Through good turns and community service, scouts are making the world a better place and spreading a culture of peace. The Messengers of Peace programme aims to highlight this work by supporting scouts’ community service and encouraging Scouts to share their actions with others to help build a global network of service. If a scout does a service action and shares it with other, they can earn a Messengers of Peace badge. The main goal is to inspire Scouts to continue their community service or to join efforts with other scouts from around the globe. You can earn the Messengers of Peace badge in 4 steps:

  1. Inspire: Explore and research about local problems, people in action and good practices.
  2. Learn and decide: Identify your motivation and talents. Choose a field of action. Select useful knowledge, skills and ideas to apply.
  3. Do: Plan your actions, execute, monitor, evaluate and report.
  4. Share: Share what you did, your experiences, outcomes and learnt lessons.

The Messengers of Peace Network

During the 1st World Scout Conference organised in France in 1922, Baden-Powell shared his vision: “Scouts can gather in a Global Network of service”. The Messenger of Peace Network is a network of all scouts who wish to contribute with their individual or collective actions to spread a Culture of Peace through service actions for community development. The Network is kept active each time we invite someone to take part in our projects to help others. Every time you share a story, you contribute to inspire others with your example. One day, this will include all scouts in the world, who can actively help each other to create a better world. Some of the tools you can use to share your work? Scout.org, social media, instant messaging, radio, tv, newspapers… or simply talking about your work to your friends, community, and other scouts from around the world!

The Messengers of Peace Heroes

The Messengers of Peace Heroes Award was created to recognise exceptional Scouts, volunteers and professionals for their outstanding work in creating a better world. Each one of these extraordinary scouts that have taken action in one of these fields is considered a Messenger of Peace hero. Each year, heroes are highlighted with a prize and ceremony to inspire other scouts to pursue great community service. Discover the Messengers of Peace heroes.