Scouts tackling global issues

Supporting community development, ending hunger, combatting climate change, decreasing violence, protecting world heritage, … what global issue do you care most about? The Scouts of the World Award challenges all young people aged 15 to 26 years old, Scouts and non-Scouts, to think about the global issues they value and act upon them in their local community. The projects are led in three main fields of action: Development, Peace, and the Environment. The award is completed in two phases:

  • A Scout of the World Discovery, where you explore and discover issues faced by your community and the world.
  • A Scout of the World Voluntary Service, where you commit a minimum of 80 voluntary hours to a community project you create that is aimed at tackling one the issues discovered in your community.

Scouts are committed to making the world a better place. They do so by supporting the achievement of the 17 global goals for Sustainable Development. The Scouts of the World Award leads scouts to learn, and then take action, so that they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to produce a positive social impact on their community. Once they complete a project, they become part of a global network of scouts creating sustainable change. It is the only award for young people provided by World Scouting.