Better World Frame Work

The Better World Framework is a set of coordinated programmes, campaigns, calls to action, partnerships and events designed to develop the competencies of young people to become global active citizens by taking action around issues related to sustainable development.

The Better World Framework helps National Scout Organizations(NSOs)align their educational objectives related to active global citizenship and community development with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

NSOs can use the Better World Framework to connect community development initiatives with specific SDGs and competencies for sustainable development. In doing so, NSOs will be part of a common monitoring and evaluation system to measure Scouting’s total contribution to the SDGs.

Together the programmes, campaigns, calls to action, partnerships, and events under the Better World Framework are learning opportunities within the Scout Youth Programme, and offer a platform to develop new resources and support partners to engage young people around education for sustainable development.

Initiatives under the Better World Framework

Messengers of Peace (MoP)
Scout of the World Award (SWA)
Global Earth Tribe community
Scouts for SDGs

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