Cub Scout

- Cub Scout Pack -


Cub Scout Section can be started in 7 – 11 years.

Colour : Yellow
Units : Cub Scout Packs - Each Pack consists Sixes
Six : Each Six consists of 6 Cub Scouts.

Objectives of Cub Scout Section

1. To achieve the Personal development of School Children of 7 – 11 years in physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural educational objectives.
2. to help build character by admiring nature, appreciating jungle story, reading stories, playing games, acting dramas and using the progressive Badge system of Bronze, Silver and Gold stars.
3. To bring out the talents through the 26 Cub Scout Proficiency badges.

Cub Scout Promise

I promise to do my best
To do my duty to my religion and country
To obey the Cub Scout law and
To do a good deed every day

Cub Scout Law

1. The Cub Scout obeys Akela
2. The Cub Scout makes himself useful
3. The Cub Scout keeps trying to do better

Cub Scout Motto

“Do your Best”

How to start a Cub pack (Unit)

A Scout Master or Mistress who has followed Phase I Introductory Course can start a Cub Pack. There should be a minimum of 12 or maximum of 36 children. In a Pack(Unit) there can be several Sixes . In each six there can be 6 Cub scouts. Each six can have names of colours. E.g. Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange.

Cub Scout Uniform


Six Paches


Cub Scout Badge

Membership Badge


Progressive Badge System

Bronze Star


Silver Star


Gold Star


Proficiency Badge System

26 Proficiency Badges and 1 International Badge