St. Thomas' Old Scout Association (STOSA) impressing people to keep the social distance!

STOSA 1m Marking 001

Matale St.Thomas Old Scout Association took additional steps to compel people to keep the social distance for preventing CoVid-19.  

It was observed when curfew is lifted as people do not care enough to maintain minimum one metre gap between one another, STOSA did an activity to mark one metre gap on the ground in front of selected Bank ATMs and major supermarket entrances in Matale where large number of people gather at the same time.

STOSA aims  to motivate people to behave responsibly with discipline and help to prevent fellowmen from CoVid-19.               

STOSA sponsored the expenditures and limited members of STOSA were involved for the markings on the ground during the curfew hours by Special permission considering prevention instructions by health authority.