History of Scouting in Sri Lanka

Scouting was Started in Sri Lanka 106 years ago1n 1912, initiated by a British Colonial civil Engineer Mr. F.G. Stevenson then residing in the  Christ Church College Matale Administrative District in the Central Province. Within a few years the Movement spread to other parts of the island more particularly to the Administrative District of Kandy, Colombo, Galle, and Jaffna.

At the time of Mr. F.G. Stevenson’s  departure in 1945 from the island, Branch Associations had been opened in several other Districts making a total of 20 Branches.

The first  National Jamboree was held in sri Lanka in the District of Colombo  in the year1959. This was followed by 7 other Jamborees held in Colombo ,Anuradhapura , kurunegala, Balapitiya,Nuwaraeliya Kandy   Hambanthota and Jaffna.

In addition to these Jamborees the Association also staged a SAARC Jamboree  in 1990 in Colombo with the participation of several National Scout organizations (NSO) in the Indian sub-continent, known as the first SAARC Jamboree.

By the year 2011 Sri Lanka National Organization reached 99 years. Scout population in Sri Lanka had increased to 46,000. This growth took place mostly in the period from 2003 to 2010.

The National Organization was opened only to boys until 2007. Sri Lanka Scout Association decided to open the Movement to girls in Scouting on a proposal Made by the then Chief Commissioner. SLSC ACT & Rules was amended in 1999 for this purpose. This step was a new opening for the organization and the proposal  was cautiously implemented  in stagers with the first Girl recruits being in the Cub sector. In 2009 the stage was set for bringing in the girls in scouting in the age group of 12 to 17. At the time of planing the APR Jamboree, Girls in Scouting had a membership of 5500 including Adult Leaders and had by then enjoyed camping experience having attended two national jamborees and also taken part in 3 foreign Friendship Camps in Bhutan, Bangladesh and India.