The Special Needs Children Scouting Programme coming under diversity and inclusion got underway on Saturday 26 February 2022 at the National Headquarters.

Teachers, Scout leaders and individuals involved with special needs children participated along with a few Special needs scouts.
The program was initiated by Mr. Kapila Kumara, Special Commissioner who was appointed recently by the. Chief Commissioner to spearhead this project.
The program commenced with Mr. Kapila Kumara explaining the purpose of implementing the project island wide.
The Chief Commissioner Mr. Janaprith Fernando addressing the gathering explained about the importance of Diversity and Inclusion to bring children who are so affected being brought together to make their life better by introducing various skills.
The deputy Chief Commissioner Mr. M.F.S. Muheed in his address said that there have been scouts with special needs but we need to organize their program to be implemented more effectively. He recalled about those with Special needs participating in event abroad and in Sri Lanka known as Agoonoree.
National Programme Commissioner Mr. Sarath Matarachchi said a programme will be produced in the near future to train leaders to implement program designed for such children.

The program for the day included motivational presentations.

Asst. Chief Commissioner Mr. Ruwan Ariyaratne, HQ Commissioners Mr. Mawahib, Mr. Prashanjana Rajapaksa, Mr Geeth Ramesh Asst. District Commisdioner were associated with the event.

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