Air Rover Scout

Age range – 17 ½ to 24 years


Objectives of Air Rover Scout Section

1. Molding one’s life as a disciplined and valued person through spiritual development
2. Making the right mental and physical progress to take responsibility for socializing as a mature person
3. Personality and character development, good citizenship and building self-confidence
4. Improving the principles and training methods acquired through books and scout training, and making opportunities to study them further
5. Getting help to strengthen their own future by encouraging further education.
6. As soon as they have identified their academic limitations and talents, they should be able to reap the benefits of the vocational training opportunities and make their lives a success.
7. Continue the work of advising and contributing to the progress made after starting a career.


Air Rover Scout Motto

“We Serve”


How to start a Air Rover Crew

A Air Rover Crew shall be started by a Rover Scout master who completed phase 1 of Unit Leader training in Air Rover Section. A Air Rover Crew shall include minimum of 6 and maximum of 24 Air Rover Scouts. Air Rover Crew shall contain several Clusters and each Cluster comprises of 3-6 Rovers.


Air Rover Scout Uniform

Air Rover Scout Uniform & Badges

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Rover Scout Progressive Badge System

Rover Scout Membership Badge


Rover Scout Service Stars


BP Award


Method of Training

Rover Crew meetings shall be conducted at least once in two weeks with the supervision of a trained Rover Scout master ( at least Phase 01) at a convenient place.

When Girls’ in Scouting of Rover Scout Section are trained, participation of a female trained Rover Scout master is compulsory.

It is compulsory to practice Crew method, Cluster method and Crew in Council in line with Youth program hand book of the Rover Scout Section.


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Rover Programme – English

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National Rover Moots in Sri Lanka

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Rover Programme – Sinhala

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BP Award Winners – 1999 to 2019

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Rover Programme – Tamil

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The World Youth Involvement Policy