Singithi Scouts

Singithi Section

  • – A unit Sigithi Scouts (Scout Kids) is called ‘Sigithi Haula’. (or “Kids Assemble”)
  • – The boys and girls in the age group of 5 and 7 can join this section.
  • – In a Sigithi Haula, there could be upto 40 members.
  • – The members of a Sigith Unit are divided into small patrols named ‘Pokura’ (a Bunch). In a Sigitha pokura there could be 8 to 10 members.
  • – Each pokura should be given a name of a Flower, and a colour as decided by its members.
  • – . ‘Idda’ pokura, ‘Namal’ pokura, ‘Pichcha’pokura, ‘Anthurium’ Pokura, …. Etc.
  • – The Motto of Sigithi Scouts will be “Friendship & Joy”.

Aims of Singithi Section

  • – To initiate a desire and attraction for scouting among the small kids in Sri Lanka.
  • – To get the kids involved with scouting immediately after they start schooling.
  • – To brighten up the talents and abilities during the early stage of a kid’s life.
  • – To let the kids experience the beauty of the nature and pleasure of being in nature.
  • – To learn how to help others and gain pleasure by helping others through simple scout activities.

Educational Objectives of Singithi Section

01 .Physical – improving good health virtues at the early stage of life by doing simple and enjoyable activities.

02 .Intellectual – find opportunities to gain knowledge on variety of fields for future investment through simple acts.

03 .Emotional – initiate safe and descent relationship with others in the unit through simple acts.

04 .Social – enhancing gradually the basics of good habits and manners practiced in the society.

05 .Spiritual – understanding religious beliefs and getting involved with religious practices and rituals gradually.

06 .Cultural – learning in a simple way to love and understand the cultural values and national heritages of the country.

Meeting of a Singithi Haula

Opening Session:

– Gathering in a circle

– Welcoming kids by saying “Ayubowan” (or any other greeting)

– Religios observances

– Instructions – for the current meeting

Activities :

– Game

– Reciting a Story

– Attractive Activity (to give knowledge)

– Song

Ending Session:

– Gathering in a circle

– Friendly chat – discuss about related matters

– Instructions – for the next meeting, activities, etc.

– Disperse

Opening and Ending a Sigithi Haula

Sigithi Scout Master stays near the Flag post and and shouts “Sigiththo ……”/// (“kids ……” ///)

Then the sigithi scouts shouts “aaa …… waaaa” (came…..///) and assemble in a circle surrounded by the Sigithi Scout Master.

Time for a Meeting of a Sigithi Haula

– 30 to 45 minutes for a normal meeting.

– 2hrs & 30 minutes maximum for special outing.

Singithi Uniform