“Rovers are a brotherhood of the open air and service; hikers on the open road and campers of the woods; able to shift for themselves and equally able and ready to be of some service to others.”

‘Rovering to Success’ - Lord Baden Powell

Rover Scouting, as the direct continuation of Boy Scouting, has to find first and foremost its application to your own personal development and character growth; to your ‘getting on in the world’; to your home life and to your real value as a citizen.

It leads to self-discipline and self-reliance, to an honest pride in work, to a clean patriotism, and to the relating of all these to your service to your religion. The Rover Scouting for men includes the Scout Promise and the Scout Law, a Motto, Scout craft knowledge and the Scout Spirit.

Rovering is the final stage in the system of training in the principles and practice of citizenship in which Cub Scouting and Scouting, each in turn plays its part. All of these sections share the common aim; the development of good citizenship on the basis of a Promise and a Law. In other words, Rovering is a continuation of Boy Scouting with same ideals and the same high aims in an advanced form, or adapted to the needs of young people.

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