Air Scout

Air Scouts are members of the Scout Movement with a particular emphasis on an aviation themed programme and/or flying-based activities. Air Scouts follow the same basic Scouting programme as normal Scouts, but they devote certain amounts of time focused on their air activities.


The Air Scouts Group in Sri Lanka is the SLAF Air Scouts Group. This Group was started in 1972 with Wing Commander PTD De Silva as the first Group Scout Leader, at SLAF premises Guwanpura, Borella. This was extended to SLAF Base Katunayake in 1978 when Air Commodore DB Siriwardana was the Base Commander at SLAF Base Katunayake.

Supported by the Sri Lankan Air Force, the 57th Colombo is a member of the Sri Lanka Scouts Association and has over 90 members. The group, which was originally started in 1972, holds its meetings at three Sri Lankan Air Force bases but is classed an ‘Open Group’. As well as providing a standard Scouting Program, they additionally have aviation based activities.

Air Scouts often wear a slightly different uniform from the rest of the Scouting movement and/or may have additional badges/insignia.

Most air activities are ground based like visits to airports and air museums, radio controlled model flight, aero modelling and camping on airfields. Depending on age group, country and Scout group the activities can also include parachuting or flights in light aircraft, helicopters, gliders or hot air balloons.