President & Queens Scouts Guild

In Sri Lanka the scout movement was started in 1912. Since then the scout movement in Sri Lanka have produced a large no of King’s, Queen’s and President’s Scouts. There is a saying among scouts that is ‘once a scout is always a scout’. In 22nd February 1999, the Chief Commissioner / Queen’s Scout, Mr. K. H. Camillus Fernando had formed a Guild to bring all King’s Queen’s & President’s scouts who are won the highest Award in senior scout section of Sri Lanka in to one roof .

The Guild was officially registered in 2001 February 22nd by the 25 founder members with the three prime objectives, the first idea was to develop brotherhood and to encourage ,forester and promote close relations amongst the kings Queen’s and present President’s scouts in Sri Lanka and any other country wishing to join. Secondly to assist and support the uplift-man of Sri Lanka Scout Movement and World scout movement, Thirdly ,to assist in training of senior scouts to win the President scout awarded and encourage members of the guild to take interest to train and program for this purpose



(From the Constitution – Section 3)


3.0.1      To develop brotherhood and to encourage, foster and promote close relationships amongst the King’s Scouts, Queen’s Scouts and President’s Scouts in Sri Lanka and any other country wishing to join.

3.0.2      To assist and support the upliftment of Sri Lanka Scout Movement and World Scout Movement.

3.0.3      To make representations at national level for producing of President’s Scouts in Sri Lanka qualitatively and quantitatively.

3.0.4      To assist in training of Senior Scouts to win the President’ Scouts Award and to encouragement members to the Guild to take interest to train and prepare programmes for this purpose.

3.0.5      To express opinions and act suitably on issues of relevance to the Guild, the members and national interest.





Late GEORGE R. SAMARASINGHE                                         King’s Scout                 FADC, Colombo District

Late B.D. PATRICK                                                                          King’s Scout                 St. John’s College, Panadura

VINCENT MENDIS                                                                           King’s Scout                 Pannipitiya

L.S. AMARARATHNA                                                                     King’s Scout                 Wattala

SUGATH KULATHUNGA                                                              King’s Scout                 Colombo-05

M.M.M. PREMARAJA SENARATHNA                                    King’s Scout                 Panadura

HAMZA DAWOODBHOY (Sea Scout)                                        King’s Scout                 Colombo Sea Scouts





2001    CAMILLUS FERNANDO                                               Queen’s Scout             Former Chief Commissioner





2001    LEONARD R. ALBERT                                               Queen’s Scout             Former President, SLSA

2004    SANATH ROHANA WICKRAMASINGHE          President’s Scout        Former HQ Commissioner

2007    SRINATH GOONERATHNE                                       President’s Scout        Vice President, SLSA

2010    JANAPRITH S. FERNANDO                                      President’s Scout        International Commissioner