National Training Centers

Pedro Scout Training Camp (6°57′48.68″N 80°48′23.49″E)


The site is a portion of the Kandapola Sita Eliya Forest Reserve situated in the village of Sita Eliya, Nuwara-Eliya. The total extent of 5 acres spreading within the vicinity of the camp is bordered by a placid water course on all sides known as the Bomburuella Oya, Located off the Moon Plains Road (Sandatanna Road). A motorable road descends along the contours of a steep valley (from the Sita Eliya, Main Road), at the bottom of which flows a rapidly flowing stream. The valley is densely wooded and being bereft of human settlement along most of its descent, preserves a tranquil environment. The woodedslopes and sun lit glades provide sanctuary to a myriad variety of birdsand limited species of fauna.


At the bottom of the valley in a wooded glade, watered by the Bomburuella Oya lies the Pedro Scout Activity Centre and the Scout Lodge.



Nuwara-Eliya lies nesting among the tea bushes and the wooded pine; 6182 feet (1884 meters) above sea level. Towering above the cozy valley is the majestic Pidurutalagala, the highest peak in Sri Lanka at 8280 feet (2524 meters). It is a popular destination for fun seekers and holiday makers. Its balmy climate, cool nights, myriad coloured flora and velvety green tea gardens are a delight to sooth the weary bodies and souls. The built environment itself is reminiscent of a British county with the well laid parks and gardens adding a spot of unique charm.


This is the back drop against which the new camp development attracts visitors with a great preference for solitude, or comradeship in a natural setting of forest and gladejust barely 4 kilometers from the town.


Recent investments were made on a new Auditorium,

Dining Hall and Kitchen and in addition 6 log cabins for visitor accommodation having 10 bunk beds in each.

Improvements were also made to the access road and the installation of common amenities. Beyond the stream lies the isolated log cabin providing separate accommodation for 6 – 8 persons serviced with electricity and water and separate wash rooms and kitchen, known as ‘C.P.J. Hut’

The Scout Lodge


A recently refurbished permanent building adjoining the main camping area now houses the ‘Scout Lodge’ having separate facilities for cooking etc. providing space for 20 persons. The building contains seven separate rooms, a lobby, a kitchen and pantry and 5 wash-rooms.


Lee Dassanayake Scout Training Center (7°17′21.69″N 80°8′35″E)

Lee Dassanayake Scout Training Center in Mirigama is set in 12 acres of forest in the Gampaha District, in the Western Province of Sri Lanka.

The site offers camping facilities, woodland and campsite activities, hiking tracks and a large rally ground.


Lee dissanayake-meerigima


It has recently benefitted, from major investments on a new session-hall to accommodate 100 participants, fully equipped with audio visual aids, and comfortable ground floor rest room and dormitory accommodation for 12 persons. Three cabins nesting in the woods, provide accommodation for 16 occupants in each. Separate cooking and dining facilities Ideal outdoor retreat for family outings, Executive Pow-ows, Pack holidays, Seminars & Workshops.

Lake View Park International Scout Centre (7°15′7″N 80°38′58.83″E)