World Awards/Badges

Scouts of the World Award

Scouts of the World Award is a Scout Network only award that gives Scout Network members the chance to undertake a project of their choice within the themes of Peace, Environment and Sustainability and take action on their chosen issue.

Through your Scouts of the World Award Journey, you will develop skills and knowledge that will empower you to undertake a project that will make an impact in your local, national or international community as well as develop your personal skills.

The award is delivered through a number of trainers across the UK, with counties delivering the discovery weekend locally with some support from UK Headquarters.

Messengers of Peace

Messengers of Peace is a global initiative aimed at encouraging youth to work toward peace. Taking advantage of social media, scouts from around the world share their efforts in order to inspire other scouts to undertake similar projects.
The World Scout Committee is promoting this program and it is administered by the World Scout Bureau.

Any Scout or Scouter who participates in a qualifying project can wear the Messengers of Peace ring patch. It is displayed around the World Crest above the left pocket of the uniform. Patches can be purchased by a unit representative at a local Scout Shop or council service center.

A qualifying project has a significant impact on the community in one of these three dimensions of peace:

  1. Personal dimension: harmony, justice, and equality
  2. Community dimension: peace as opposed to hostility or violent conflict
  3. Relationship between humankind and environment: security, social and economic welfare, and environment

World Scout Environment Badge

The World Scout Environment Programme offers tools, resources and initiatives to help Scouts all around the world work together for the good of the local and global environment. The environment is central to the Scout Programme and a key element of developing good citizens of the world. Since Scouting began, young people have been connecting with the outdoors, learning from nature and taking positive action for their local and global environment. There are many more environmental challenges today than when Scouting started, making it even more important to keep the environment central to Scouting, to build on the momentum already established and to make Scouting a positive force for change.